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New daily schedule cards

15 may 2014

Time and again there are requests from parents for new daily schedule cards. So I made cards for snacks, going to school, morning ritual with a showering-pictogram, diabetesscheme with and without insulin pump and a music lesson schedule. All these cards can be found on the website. TIP: Use the search tools on the website to find cards faster. Search with a keyword or at a theme. Also, if you open a card on the same page below you will see other cards from that theme, sometimes there are handy cards that you would not noticed yet!

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Parenting tip 
Why using daily rhythm charts?
In this paper I briefly write about daily schedule charts, what is its benefits and for which children and which situations can daily rhythm charts be used. Daily rhythm charts come in all shapes...
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How to convert (negative) thoughts, negative patterns into positive ones

A card to make children aware of helpful (positive) and non-helpful thoughts (negative) they have. Children can write or draw the situation in the boxes and add the thoughts they had at that moment. By giving children an insight into their thoughts and by teaching them that they can influence their thoughts and feeling, you can stimulate children to convert (negative) acquired behaviour and negative patterns into positive ones.

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All kind of free printable cards for parents and kids, like reward cards, countdowncalendars, dialy rythm charts, pictogramcards.

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