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29 august 2013

Today I opened an English twitter account for this site, reward charts +.

The English version of my website does not yet receive as many visitors as the Dutch. I think that is very unfortunate because the educational cards may be valuable for many more parents and children. That's why I will try to promote this website more. Besides my own activities to promote this website I would appreciate if you would tell other parents about my website. The more visitors, the more new behavior charts I will translate and post on the website. The English version should be just as extensive as the Dutch, see flag top right. Don't you think?!!

So tell others about these nice, practical and original reward charts, behavior charts, daily rythm charts and countdown calenders.

Thank You For Your Help, Hanne

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How to convert (negative) thoughts, negative patterns into positive ones

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All kind of free printable cards for parents and kids, like reward cards, countdowncalendars, dialy rythm charts, pictogramcards.

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